Willem Valstar

Kim Beijleveld


As the owner of StarGrow Consultancy, Willem Valstar is the youngest member of the Cropex Group. He has experience in advising crop technical aspects in different types of tomatoes since 2005. He is working mainly in the Netherlands. Beside the Netherlands his clients are also in other European countries as the UK and Poland. He is involved in the first projects with LED growing light, improving Natural Fluid System (NFT), climate steering integrating in climate computers and optimizing energy saving solutions. He works by a special developed way based on crop registration and modelling of crops. His challenge is to realise the best profits (production and fruit quality) for growing companies in a sustainable way.

Email: willem@stargrowconsultancy.nl
Phone: 0031(0)6-50516100
Twitter: @willemvalstar
Skype: willemvalstar1